"Producer/multi-instrumentalist Gabriel Rhodes teams up with songwriter Paul Marsteller and vocalist Simone Stevens (alongside Hunt Sales) to hand us an album packed with a string of songs to please the aural palette and production itch. Want a hit? Pick any one of the eighteen. Pick all of them. This is music the way they used to write it, when radio ruled and the song was what counted".

--Frank O. Gutch, Jr. - No Depression


"Irresistibly catchy in a left field way, this is music of the highest quality.  One minute you think that maybe it fits neatly into a folk bag, then there's hints of country, soft-rock and sublime pop. In the end it's probably best to just sit back, listen and let this gorgeous sound wash over you and ignore genres.   The epitome of musical perfection."

-- Alan Cackett/Editor- Maverick Magazine (U.K.)