Oh, the sea and sky turned turquoise from gray 

as we pulled away 

 We fear the dragons that lay ahead 

less than those we've slayed, 

so with a last glance home. we pushed on. 


We rusted in our cities. though they were made of gold, 

the air was old 

From over the walls the horizon called 

"Come to the sun" 

(So) to a future so bold, we run. 


A voice called from the sea: Come to the mystery, 

The Northern Mystery! 


The air felt new as we rounded the cape 

toward our northern escape 

The compass just spun as we made our way 

by following fate. 

the past is done -  history we chase, 

on and on. 


The voice called from the sea: Come to the mystery, 

The Northern Mystery -

The Northern Mystery !





If that fickle moon hadn't come back so soon 

I might have missed just how good you look tonight. 

Like this desert in bloom, and the roses outside our room -

shimmering white, under the blue moonlight. 


And if those flowers could get up and dance 

they couldn't thrill me like you can. 


When I look into your eyes they're like a prism, 

where I can see all the colors I've been missing. 


And if those flowers could get up and dance 

they couldn't thrill me like you can 





Twilight, twilight 

Let's take a ride together. 

Moon's out, moon's out - 

lights our way down to the river. 


Look back, look back, 

the skyline glow from our old city 

So bright, so bright,

from here life looks so pretty. 


Stars rise, stars rise, 

the later it gets, the more they shimmer 

This time will end, 

But it belongs to time forever 


Climb up, climb up! 

it's time to take our ride together 

First light, first light, 

Guides our way across the river.





I'd climb the highest peak above the sea 

look back in the direction that brought you to me 

Over all these states, the hills and valleys, 

that wide expanse between you and me. 


I'd fly, jump a train, paddle through the rain 

Swim to the other ocean, and back again. 

Across the canyons, the scorched plains, 

that 1000 mile river that divides you from me. 


Transcontinental, so far away! 

Long distance, oh, how I wished you had stayed. 

If I can find you I won't let you get away. 


I'd climb the highest peak above the sea, 

look back in the direction that brought you to me 





Last night I heard a noise at my stage door 

Someone had left me flowers on the floor 

It made me a little blue 

No card, didn't say from who 

I wish they'd been from someone that I knew. 


Been a long way here from my hometown 

My Daddy used to drive me, but he ain't around. 

When I was young he threw me into a pool -

to sink or swim, so I flew! 

He taught me no one will do for you what you can do. 


So now that I'm here, what's my next step? 

I've arrived, but my heart hasn't caught up yet. 

I can put up a good front, but who'll watch my back? 

And who do I look for when I finish my act?          





My baby drove me down to Pale River, 

his family town down on the border. 

I don't like it there but we've got news to deliver. 


It's strange to me it's still called the Pale River 

'cause now it's just so low, dark and dirty 

but, oh, how they welcomed our news at the family dinner. 


My baby wants to live back down in Pale River - 

I worry so about our unborn daughter, 

it's so different there, 

But some ties you can't sever 


There's a fork in the river 

where it  divides, 

so we must bridge her. 

So now the three of us live in Pale River, 

her cousins fuss over our little angel -

she's got all the love here that life can give her! 


There's a fork in the river 

where it divides, 

so we must bridge her.

The same sun shines on the Pale River,

and all our shadows have no color - 

It was a good thing when we moved from where we were. 



NEW SNOW (for Kate McGarrigle) 


Surprised by my own tear when I first heard 

you'd gone from here, 

I guess my heart knew just how much 

it'd been touched by you 


Oh, how you filled the air with forgotten sounds, 

remembered from somewhere -

I'd listen for you when I needed to hear 

something dear and true.

Goodbye, sweet melody, 

though you'll never disappear -

All that beauty's still out there somewhere!

You left in the hardest of winters 

though in the new snow, your footsteps still show 

You're lost but you're found, the trail that you left

 circles round and round. 


We'll listen for your sound, in the flow of the river, 

in the quiet towns, in the rush of the city, 

in far away places, that we haven't found.


Goodbye, sweet melody, 

though you'll never disappear 

All that beauty's still out there somewhere 





Never saw it coming 

or ever thought I'd be the one 

to do, just what I've done 

A life, a good life, I took it all away 

I didn't see it coming 

until I did it that day 


No Pardon, no pardon 

should ever come my way - 

and I just pray that all the hurt I've caused 

is gone away 


No clue, what I could say or do 

I just have to leave it, leave it in these blues 

and just live today 




As the train is leaving town 

Kids run in vain to chase it down 

but it's gone too fast 

like you and me 

reaching for the past. 

But still we try -- Oh! how we try

'cause it takes us back 

It takes us back 

Take us back! 

Down the hill and around the bend, 

hard to still see it then, as it picks up steam, 

and pulls away, 

just like our dream. 

But still we try -- Oh!, how we try 

'cause it takes us back 

It takes us back !

Take us back! 




WIll we be walking through the fields from where we come? 

Will we be talking to those that we come from? 


And what is the secret, in memories sweetly recalled, 

of things that never happened here at all? 

Oh will it be just like before, and I'll still be who I am? 

And all that's been and gone will all be back again? 

I hope it will be kinder there, 

and we won't be so blinded there 

And it just doesn't just go round and round again 

Will we be waking into our dreams from afar? 

When we know for sure, then we'll know who we are. 



All songs written by Paul Marsteller 

©2021 / Big Moment Music / BMI