"Filled with melodies of crystalline delicacy, the vocals are rich and pure as you can hear. The musical arrangements are as near perfect as you can get.  First you think that it fits neatly into a folk bag, then there’s hints of country, soft-rock and sublime pop. It’s best to just sit back and let this gorgeous sound wash over you and ignore genres"

-Editor, Maverick Magazine



--Gabe Rhodes is Fiery Blue's Austin-based producer and multi-instrumental musician. He has played with or produced Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings, Emmylou Harris, Kimmie Rhodes among other artists, and is a Grammy-award winning producer.


--Paul Marsteller is primarily Fiery Blue's San Diego-based songwriter and executive producer. Together with Gabe he's recently produced two side projects -- one, his original 1860's-era musical saga, 'Roving Lily'(2017); the other, a various artists record of old turn-of-the-century parlor songs, 'The Beautiful Old' (2013), featuring artists including Garth Hudson (The Band), Richard Thompson, Dave Davies (The Kinks), Graham Parker, Jimmy LaFave, Kim Richey, Eric Bibb, Kimmie Rhodes, Christine Collister, among others. The Austin Chronicle named it as Best Album of 2013.



--Simone Stevens is Fiery Blue's lead vocalist. She's a NYC-based singer-songwriter and released a solo record, 'Right On Time' and the 2014 EP, 'Bonsai'. Simone also appeared on 'The Beautiful Old'.

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--Hunt Sales is Fiery Blue's Austin-based drummer. Among his band credits are David Bowie's Tin Machine, Todd Rudgren and Iggy Pop.